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export > 2G in size

You would export to a device that does not support seeking such as a tape (not
recommended, really slow) or a pipe.

Why not using compression?  it'll considerably cut down on the size?  

I myself use both compression AND split to make my export be in many managable sized file
(500meg is my chosen size).  You could just use split and not compress if you want.

Basically, you would create a pipe in the OS via:

$ mknod somefilename p

and then export to that pipe.  you would set up another process in the background that
'eats' the contents of this pipe and puts it somewhere.  I use split, you could use 'cat'
to just put it into another file (if cat supports files >2 gig -- thats the problem here,
most utilities do not, you need to use a special file io api to 2 gig file support).

Here is a script you can use as a template.  Yes, it uses compression but you can take
that out.  Its here to show you one method of doing this.

FN=exp.`date +%j_%Y`.dmp
echo ${FN}
cd /tblstmp/exp
ls -l
rm -f ${PIPE}
mknod ${PIPE} p
date > expbkup.log
( gzip < ${PIPE} ) | split -b ${MAXSIZE} - ${FN}. &
# uncomment this to just SPLIT the file, not compress and split
#split -b $MAXSIZE $PIPE $FN. &
exp userid="${UID}" buffer=20000000 file=${PIPE} ${EXPORT_WHAT} >> expbkup.log
date >> expbkup.log
date > export.test
cat `echo ${FN}.* | sort` | gunzip > ${PIPE} &
# uncomment this to just SPLIT the file, not compress and split
#cat `echo ${FN}.* | sort` > ${PIPE} &
#imp userid=sys/o8isgr8 file=${PIPE} show=y full=y >> export.test
date >> export.test
tail expbkup.log
tail export.test
ls -l
rm -f ${PIPE}

This also always does an ‘integrity’ check of the export right after it is done with an import show=y, that shows how to use these split files with import.


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